What is Cabinet Refacing?

You’ve decided it’s finally time to act.  Your kitchen is worn, dated, and ugly.  Now what?  You’ve heard of cabinet refacing, but what is it?  Is it refinishing?  Can you make any changes to the layout?  Does it look good when it’s done?

Cabinet refacing is re-using some of the structure of your existing kitchen (the boxes) but applying new panels, trims, doors, drawers, and hardware so that it looks completely new and different.  You can change wood species, stain colour, appliance spaces, handles, add organizers, and extend or shorten cabinetry.

Cabinet refacing is not refinishing.  Refinishing means disassembling your kitchen, stripping the finish off all of your old doors and cabinet surfaces, applying a new finish, and putting it all back together.  Not only is it hard to find anyone willing to do this difficult work, it severely limits your ability to make any changes at all to the kitchen.

Does cabinet refacing make sense for you?

Cabinet refacing is a good idea if the basic layout of your kitchen works well, and your cabinets are in good condition and well made.  Cabinets manufactured more recently tend not to be as well made as older cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Calgary

Shallow Cabinet over Fridge, Bulkhead to Ceiling

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Calgary

Full Depth over Fridge, Upper Cabinets to Ceiling

If your cabinets are worth saving, is the kitchen layout sensible and practical?  The best judge of this is you, because you work in the kitchen.  You’ll know if major change is required to improve how your kitchen functions.  Making minor changes like eliminating microwave shelves to go to an over-the-range microwave or enlarging a fridge space are all part of a refacing.  A popular option today is to reface the base cabinets and build new upper cabinets to the ceiling.  There aren’t a lot of limits to what we can do with refacing, but if we find a kitchen that refacing isn’t practical for, we simply start from scratch and design a custom kitchen for you.  Remember we said that most new cabinets aren’t well made?  Leave it to a company that appreciates strong, well-built older cabinetry to do things differently; but that’s another blog.

Take a look at some of our before and after photos here on the website, or come into the showroom to see more examples of our work.